Bucharest of «strange weathers» through the work of Venia Bechrakis

Opening Thursday 14th of May 2009, 20.00 p.m.
Melenia Art Gallery, Covaci 12, Historical Centre, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery hosts in Bucharest, on Thursday 14 May 2009, the new and pioneering photo work of the Greek artist, Venia Bechrakis, with the title «Strange Weathers». Venia Bechrakis, having as a base of her new work the city of Bucharest, portrays and comments the reality and the everyday routine of the city through her work.

The place of the woman for once again is placed in the centre of the artistic investigation in the work of Bechrakis and is commented with faint irony and humorous mood. The public spaces are unified together with the private and the stereotype roles of women are shattered and at the same time seem to swing between the reality and the imagination.

Moved between the perfornance, the technique of photographic material, the synthesis of the classical art paintings and the cinematographic representation of reality, Venia Bechrakis creates works which escape from the narrow limits of the photograph and redefine the picture as field of psychoanalytical search.

Duration of the exhibition: 14 May -14 June 2009