Transition-a personal story
Paintings and sculpted jewellery by Adity Chakravarti

Opening Wednesday, 8th of June 2011, 18.45
Melenia Art Gallery, Constantin Daniel 3, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery presents on Wednesday 8th of June 2011, an exciting jewelry and painting exhibition of the Indian artist Adity Chakravarti.

Adity Chakravarti has lived on different continents. This has given her the unique chance of being in different cultures, where sights, sounds and smells make an amazing collage .She has absorbed the art and culture of these places and interacted with its artists. This is what her work shows. Images and symbols weave in and out of her paintings. Vibrant colours tell their own story. Together they form visuals that are in complete harmony and engage the viewer in a dialogue.

The actual exhibition is one of the rare and good chances to feel the tastes of diverse cultures mingled so as to produce an harmonious effect.

Duration of the exhibition: 8 June - 15 July 2011
Daily Hours: Tuesday - Friday 13.00 - 19.00 & Sat. 12.00-17.00.
Sunday & Monday closed

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