“Ladies and Gentlemen”
by Maia Oprea & Laurentiu Midvichi

Opening Thursday, 17th of November 2011, 19.30
Melenia Art Gallery, Constantin Daniel 3, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery presents on Thursday, 17th of November 2011, the most recent work of the Romanian artists Maia Oprea and Laurentiu Midvichi, in an exhibition entitled “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

Laurenţiu Midvichi, an artist endowed with a refined accuracy of the sensorial experience, presents a series of portraits which combine stylistic diversity and deeply explore the half-ligt postures of the human face.

Maia Ştefana Oprea, a thrilling artist through her pictorial multivalency, presents her newest paintings characterized through an enciphred shock of the form equally sharing the abstract ignition and the expressionist brush.

«I choose portraits as this theme challenges me the most. In a way, in most of theese portraits I set up bizarre relashionships with the portrayed individuals which Ι could describe as it follows: self-portrait of the Other. Stilistically they are not the same, the brush being their single common element»
Laurenţiu MIDVICHI

«With theese works, I may say I step into a fresh and quite stirring ‚”heart rate” of my art. Currently my aesthetic experiments are suspended in abstract and abstraction, generated by the mute and violent filling up of an imaginary space in which a single halucinatorry “event” performs: the encounter between carring off versus considering the void»
Maia Ştefana OPREA

Duration of the exhibition: 17 November 2011 - 17 January 2012
Daily Hours: Tuesday - Friday 13.00 - 19.00 & Sat. 12.00-17.00.
Sunday & Monday closed

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