“Greek-Romanian Art Dialogue”

Opening Friday, 27th of January 2012, 19.30
Melenia Art Gallery, Constantin Daniel 3, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery presents, on Friday 27th of January 2012, a Greek & Romanian Art Event of Contemporary Art, at 7.30 pm, in Bucharest.

The exhibition aims to open a cultural dialogue and debate between Romanian and Greek artists, a dialogue that shall fancy the audience involved. The works proposed for exhibition are their most recent and will include painting, sculpture, engraving and graphics.

Staging the works of art together, the interference between Romanian and Greek artists, media and audience will give the opportunity of challenging ideas, and raise social and cultural awareness throughout Greek and Romanian communities.

The participating artists are: Nikos Koulakiotis, Gabriil Andronikidis, Christos Mitas, Maia Oprea, Marius Ovidiu Burhan, Laurentiu Midvichi, Mircea Nechita, Daniel Craciun, Mirela Iordache.

Duration of the exhibition: 27th of January - 26th of March 2012
Daily Hours: Tuesday - Friday 13.00 - 19.00 & Sat. 12.00-17.00.
Sunday & Monday closed

Melenia Art Gallery
is the first Greek Art Gallery in Bucharest. Its objective is the presentation of worth seeing artists of contemporary art. Melenia Art Gallery hosts art classes and workshops in a bid to entertain an art lover community.