"The Body as a Pretext” – Gabriela Rusu

Duration of the exhibition: 5-12.06 2012
Melenia Art Gallery, Constantin Daniel 3, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery presents, between 5th and 12th of June 2012, an exhibition of the young and talented artist Gabriela Rusu. In the exhibition “The Body as a Pretext” from Melenia Art Gallery, Gabriela Rusu approaches one of the constant problems in painting studios: the relation between space, geometry and matter, working with traditional mediums with material consistency, bringing in the foreground the body as individual print, reinventing a social discourse and ultimately aiming for a certain synthesis of the pictorial expression, from the point of view of both language and content.

The composition, the relation with the material as well as with the components of an anatomic fragment, the shapes, the texture, the support are each time approached differently according to the dimension and need to be analyzed as such. The rhythm of the lines, the shifting between shapes, the play of surfaces and colours, the materiality are elements that will reflect directly upon the final image, decisive sometimes on its perception. The module, identical or not, rips the space, fragments it, in order to give it an entirely new stylistic identity as well as a particular rhythm. Upon a careful observing, one may identify images out of context, isolated or combined with other shapes or lines, which are included in the works. Gabriela Rusu turns the body into a subject of analysis.

Gabriela Rusu’s exhibition bonds the subject – often extracted from the day to day experience – and the shape, brings them together with the general plastic creation, uses experimental attitude thus generating an interesting visual experience.

Text by Ph. Marius Burhan

Duration of the exhibition: 5th of June - 12th of June 2012
Daily Hours: Tuesday - Friday 13.00 - 19.00 & Sat. 12.00-17.00.
Sunday & Monday closed

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