Eco-Art Exhibition
Eco-Art Exhibition

Opening Tuesday, 9th of October 2012, 18.00
The Botanical Garden, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery, Alpha Bank Romania and Bucharest Botanical Garden “Dimitrie Brandza”, present on the 9th of October 2012, at 18.00 pm, the Eco-Art Exhibition.

The exhibition emphasizes the original approach on ecological matters of four Romanian artists: Maia Oprea, Mirela Iordache, Marius Burhan and Mircea Nechita. They will present their paintings and sculptures within the urban oasis of The Botanical Garden.

For some years now the activity of any artist in our society tends more toward the function of the ecologist being at the same time the one who deals with environmental relationships. It is clear that art gets constant inspiration by phenomena of life on earth that constitute the artist’s palette in our case. It is very often, that the artists, through their sensibility, act as activists creating awareness of the crisis of energy consumption and suggest possible solutions.

The ability of this exhibition is to provide an excellent opportunity to get the public excited about renewable energy in the form of art content, as well as to bring together individuals interested in possibilities for rethinking energy consumption and production, promoting the respect for nature, for a healthy lifestyle, balanced, in harmony with the environment and ourselves.

Duration of the exhibition: 9th-19th October 2012, 10.00-19.00
The Botanical Garden “Dimitrie Brandza”, the Ecological Education Center
32nd Sos. Cotroceni, Bucharest