Eco-Art Exhibition
Mircea Nechita Exhibition at Muzeul Judetean de Arta Prahova Ion Ionescu – Quintus, at Ploiesti

Opening Friday, 17th of May 2013, 17.00

Melenia Art Gallery in collaboration with the Uniunea Elena din Romania present on Friday 17th of May 2013 the work of the Romanian artist, Mircea Nechita at the Muzeul Judetean de Arta Prahova Ion Ionescu – Quintus, at Ploiesti.

The concept of this exhibition based on the complementarity of form and colour, on the variety of art styles which will show, at the same time, the experience, the inspirations, the tendencies and the talent of the artist.

A consistent but carefully structured part of his work of painting, gravures, engravings is transferred to the exhibition place of the museum at Ploiesti.

Duration of the exhibition: 17 to 28 May 2013

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