Nocturne - Marius Burhan

Marius Burhan - “Nocturne”

Opening Wednesday, 27st of May 2015, 18.30 to 21.00

Ywalking gallery - 155, Calea Victoriei, Section 8, Building D1, 1st Floor, Sector 1, Victoriei Square, Bucharest (Entrance on Calea Buzesti, vis a vis Tarom)

Melenia Art Gallery presents on Wednesday 27th of May 2015, series of new works of the talented Romanian artist Marius Burhan with the title “Nocturne” at Ywalking gallery. The works are paintings of Venice old uptown by night through the view of the Romanian artist.

Marius Burhan, having lived and worked many years in Venice, would like to present through this exhibition the succession of images from the city, from nature and art. «The original work and the personal intervention project seek to collocate the object outside the box, outside of the research’ abstraction towards the concreteness of reality by integrating into this purely spacial issue another dimension of concrete time of urban context».

Marius Burhan is an artist fully committed to his work and to the creative path he has chosen. His tenacity and perseverance leaded him towards inspiring artistic experiments; his continuous research has gone into controlling and mastering his craft.

Melenia Art Gallery will present also at the same time an artistic jewelry exhibition of Greek artists.

Duration of the exhibition: 27 of May – 25 of July 2015
Daily Hours: Monday - Friday 11.00 - 19.00 Saturday & Sunday closed

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