Contemporary Art Exhibition

Contemporary Art Exhibition "Greece - Cyprus - Romania”

Melenia Art Gallery organized a Cypriot - Greek - Romanian Art Contemporary Exhibition, under the aegis of the Embassies of Greece and Romania in Cyprus, as well as the Nicosia Municipality, on Thursday 18th of October 2018, 19.00 p.m, at the hall of Melina Merkouri in Nicosia.
A similar exhibition was held in Bucharest in October 2017, with great success and a crowd of people honoring the event, as well as coverage by many media.

The artists who were participating were: Mircea Nechita, Marius Burhan, Laurentiu Midvichi, Beba (Maria Nedelcov), Gabriel Grama from Romania, Mary Papademas, Silia Philipou, Nikolas Antoniou, Artiste Antre, Themis Themistokleous, Niki Protopapa from Cyprus, and Christos Efstathiou Nadia Rapti Zoe Pane, Stefanos Souvatzoglou and Aida Carbone from Greece.

The aim of this exhibition was the promotion of common grounds and mentalities of three countries Romania - Greece and Cyprus, through the coexistence of young talented artists from different countries. The exhibition will give them the opportunity to exchange opinions, searches, inspirations and tendencies on the contemporary art.
The impressive point of this exhibition was the different view of the contemporary art through the art work of young artists-With this exhibition; people could observe the international influence upon these young artists and maybe find common past or common future to their art.
This cultural event tried to bring forth the creative art of artists from Cyprus, Greece and Romania to the Cypriot audience and to reinforce the bonds and cooperation between their artists.

The event was under the melody of the well famous Cypriot saxophonist, Charis Ioannou.

Critical commentaries of the artworks have been written by Lambrini Benatsi -Phd in Art History, University of Ioannina, Greece, ΜΑ in Art History, University of Essex, U.K.

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