Marius Burhan – Studio Sequences

Opening Wednesday, 22nd of September 2010, 19.30
Melenia Art Gallery, Constantin Daniel 3, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery presents series of works from Marius Burhan’s studio.

Marius Burhan is an artist fully committed to his studio and to the creative path he has chosen. His tenacity and perseverance leaded him towards inspiring artistic experiments; his continuous research has gone into controlling and mastering his craft.

«Violent or flat chromatics, geometrics, collages, intimism reminiscences of the pictorial reliance – all these insert you in Marius Burhan’s world…. Studio sequences reveals a small part of his palette of approaches – experiments and oscillations between abstract and figurative realism...»
Raluca Doroftei, critic of art).

A consistent but carefully structured part of his works of painting, sculpture, assemblage is transferred to the exhibition place of Melenia Art Gallery.

Duration of the exhibition: 22 September - 12 November 2010
Daily Hours: Tuesday - Friday 13.00 - 19.00 & Sat. 12.00-17.00.
Sunday & Monday closed

Melenia Art Gallery
is the first International art gallery in Bucharest. Its objective is the presentation of worth seeing artists of contemporary art.