Great Contemporary Greek Artists are hosted
for the first time in Bucharest

Opening Thursday 26th of March 2009, 18.30 p.m.
Melenia Art Gallery, Covaci 12, Historical Centre, Bucharest.

Melenia Art Gallery hosts in Bucharest, on Thursday 26 March 2009, the work of Kostas Tsoklis, Afrodite Liti, Michali Manoussaki and Venia Bexrakis.
Kostas Tsoklis, «the global Greek artist», from the decade of '50 until today, has been an artist whose works, even though seemingly artistic, imprint always the course, the action, the thoughts, the sentiment and his poesy. The constant research and the experimentations are elements that dominate his work. During these years via his work he poses radical questions and reveals a new artistic conscience that corresponds completely to our era.
Afrodite Liti, the internationally well known Greek sculptor, approaches through her work meanings as the birth, the growth, fruitfulness and renaissance, with subjects as “the Bliss of Distribution of Fruits”, “From the Culture to the Nature”, “the Congress of Birds and Fruits”. Considering that sculpture and the original jewel, irrelevant to the material and the size, constitutes an artistic expression and not only an applied art, by 2001 – 2002, Afrodite Liti creates oversized sculptures-ring with unique sensitivity.
Michalis Manoussakis, the valorizing Greek artist, through his work narrates stories with forms, colors and materials, stories that leave always a question and a doubt to hang above. He analyzes the relation of the person with the real but also with his psychological space, his relation with the other persons, his relation with the other sex, with the time that passes by, but which leaves its marks behind. M. Manoussakis burrows the human body on wooden surfaces, with color and coal.
Venia Bechrakis, the upcoming and talented Greek artist, with international exposure, combines in her photographs public and private spaces into one space in which she performs stereotypically feminine tasks such as ironing clothes in front of the Greek Parliament. On one hand, Becharkis cancels the substance of the photograph as a means of recording reality so that it functions fictitiously instead. At the same time, this photographic fiction ultimately touches upon the reality in which women often find themselves regarded as objects in the spaces, no matter public or private, of their everyday existence.

Duration of the exhibition: 26 March - 30 April 2009